Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Hedges and mounds for miniature games

I got back on my HEDGE-PROJECT and make some master models for mold making. I used different materials for this project. A wooden base, mound out of foam and structured it with putty and modelling clay. Modelling clay is a cheap & handy material but while drying it also shrinks so you end up with small cracks. I filled those cracks with filler. If filler begins to drys it is easily possible to structure the surface similar to the way you can do it with clay. Stippling with a brush is really a great way to cast soil ground for example. 

Painting models black while sculpting them is a great way to focus on the shape. You are able to see where to sand or structure, simply where to overwork it again. And you can see very good how much body you sand down because you destroy the black colour coat. 

After sealing the models with acrylic paint it comes to make a silicon mold. From this step it is possible to go in different directions. I plan to drill holes in the body of the hedge to plug in various plant models to vegetate it. But this has to wait till I made the first pour. Because it is easier to drill accurately into resin.  

I can not wait to see the final results. Cause from this state I can paint and flock the models!   

Kind regards!



  1. They look really good. I am with you, I also can't wait to see the finals.