Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

WIP: Infinity Diorama Building Part 1

Servus, Greetings and Hello! Welcome all Miniature Terrain Builders, alls Scale Modellers and Gamers! Hope you doing well? I want to report my progress on my diorama for the game Infinity. It got inspired by the Paradiso Campaign which is located on a fantastic jungle planet somewhere far far away ... ;-) 

I built the diorama base out of thick high density wood which guarantees me high stability, a straight join and no chance for any warping. The first part of the diorama is a canyon situation where my PanOceania-Troops advance through. It is dominated by brownisch rocks and a intense and dangerous vegetation. I made the rocks out of foam and structured them with filler.

The vegetation is a mix of plastic plants and some Aline-Plants
that I sculpted out of Greenstuff and advanced with Fimo. Fimo is a modelling putty which hardens by heating it up. You can use it without problems together with Greenstuff.  

I separated some of the bigger plastic plants to make them fit into the 28mm scale and make them look more realistic. I am still modelling and painting on it to get more out of it. But I also started a second base which belongs together. The second is a concrete and damaged building a home for my Tohaa and my Secret Weapon Generator. Forward! ;-) 

Here are some more impressions from the building process: CLICK GALLERY


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