Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

ROLE PLAY CONVENTION 2104 in Cologne was a blast(er)!

It is time for update cause a lot of things has happened. The biggest thing in the last weeks was obviously the ROLE PLAY CONVENTION in Cologne/Germany. It was more than a blast, better say a blaster. Cause
Darth Vader which I already met last year borrowed me his personal Tie-Fighter. Good vehicle for a fair trade to make solid contracts. ;-)

I was located on the TABLETOP AREA together with the Ladies and Gentlemen from PAINT YOUR IMMAGINATION. Which is a group of hobby-addicts that are bringing all aspects of painting, modelling and terrain building to interested folks. And I became a part of this nice and friendly group of individuals. Thank you very much! We are planing to participate on different conventions like the Tactica in Hamburg. I am looking forward to this one!

I also shared my desks with Adrian from Rune Cast-Miniatures. He is a great sculptor and learned me some basics about working with modelling clay and wire. Very interesting! Thank you very much! We have a nice talk and could exchange our experiences of being a small part of a growing industry. He also recommend a great new modelling mass which is named Beesputty. Which seems to be an awesome product.  

So far! There is more content to come! Stay tuned!
PP aka TT-L



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