Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013



I want to show you my newest product. A foldable gaming table for wargames like Warhammer, Warmachine, Infinity or Dark Age.

The gaming table consists in two parts which form assembled the gaming surface. The table is transportable and easy to use. When the table is assembled you have a compact and stable box with two professional case handles. The box itself is a stable construction made out of high quality wood. The construction mechanism depends on using fasteners which musicians make use of.

The gaming surface is replaceable. You can have different terrain inlays like a desert scenery or just for example a city fight footing. You can replace and fix the different subsurface with three screws for each side.

The result is a solid foldable gaming table which is very easy to use and to transport.

Check out the video about the functions of this unique foldable gaming table:    

If you are interested in a product like this just contact me via email. We can create a similar one or a table that suits to your needs.

All the best!

p.s.: This table was built for the guys from DARK AGE APOCALYPSE!

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