Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013


I just have this model lying in my depots and I want to integrate the IMPERIAL BASTION in a nice and unique terrain piece. My first idea is to build a mountain fortress with hidden gun emplacements and secret doors. Something like that. The idea came up when I saw pictures of mountain fortresses which are located in Switzerland and Austria. Those buildings are merging with the mountain they were build in. Very amazing constructions.

Keeping this pictures in mind I want to translate this kind of fortress and combine it with the Warhammer 40k universe and use the bits of the IMPERIAL BASTION for it. There are a lot of use full parts to realize this idea. The bastion itself which could be snipped in parts again to construct a bigger bastion. There are embrasures and a nice laser gun which seems to be ideal to be a hidden gun for a hidden mountain fortress.

To model the mountain and the rock surface I want to make some experiences with bark. I am not sure if bark is the ultimate material to use. It is an interesting structure but it always look more or less similar. That is the disadvantage of using bark for your rock scenery. But we will see. I will keep on trying different techniques for modelling rocks and mountains because I love those parts in the landscape. Very romantic!

I will keep you up to date and show how this project is turning.

Here you can find more pics of the parts and bits that povide the basis for the IMPERIAL BASTION - PROJECT.


p.s.: Sharing and liking and spreading the message of building wargaming terrain is very welcome!      

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