Montag, 14. Januar 2013

WARGAMING TERRAIN: Dark Age - Core Hive - Red Mesa


It is done! I finally finished my first commission work for the guys from DARK AGE. It was a rocky road to travel and there is much that could be done better in the future but I am really satisfied with my work.

The whole RED MESA consist in a foldable gaming table and a set of modular terrain pieces. It is possible to play different scenarios with this set of terrain. If you are a DARK AGE gamer you eventually know the stories about RED MESA and the CORE.

It is a conflict about resources which are located on the RED MESA area and it begins in an old storage building and ends beyond the surface. With this terrain set it is possible to reenact the action at RED MESA.

The whole setting is based on an apocalypse that happened on the planet SAMARIA. The survivors fight against each others for supplies and power. Every faction wants to be successful when it comes to interact in a post apocalyptic world.

The centerpiece on RED MESA is the entry to the CORE-HIVE. The CORE are a robotic faction which interact like insectst without any moral. They are just establishing there strong and fearless empire beyond the surface of SAMARIA.

GERMAN: So! Es ist getan! Meine Arbeiten an RED MESA für die Macher von DARK AGE sind abgeschlossen. Der Weg war steinig und mühsam, aber letztlich bin ich mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden.

Das Ganze Projekt umfasst einen faltbaren Spieltisch, dazu gehört ein Set aus Einzelmodellen, mit denen die Geschehnisse auf dem RED MESA Komplex nachgestellt werden können. Es geht um das Überleben in einer post apokalyptischen Welt namens SAMARIA. Auf einem ehemaligen Industriekomplex kommt es zum Showdown mit der neusten Fraktion des Spiels, den CORE. Die CORE sind Roboter und das Ziel ihrer künstlichen Intelligenz ist einfach, es geht um das Überleben und den Ausbau der eigenen Territorien.

Here you can see different possibilities of setting up the terrain pieces:

The storage building is the main cause and interest for the survivors on Samaria. Here  you can find resources and supplies.
This is an relay station - perhaps it is is reasonable to reactivate the emitter to establish an old network?  
This is where the CORE enter the RED MESA - an old entry through an underground complex. The big hatch doors are leading to an mysterious labyrinth of  corridors and tunnels.  

 If you are interested and want to see more impressions of RED MESA just check this galleries: CLICK

All the best and happy wargaming!

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