Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016

WIP Update: Warmage Diorama / Detailing / Painting

Helllo, Greetings and Moin Moin,

its been a while but terrain things need time. So everything normal. I am still working on the terrain display for Warmage and it will be finished till the next RPC in Cologne/Germany where you can visit the diorama live and in colour. :-)

In the moment its is about detailing and painting and weathering. Here you can see some painted parts of the laser cut models which got glued later on into the terrain display. Schaschlik-Sticks make the joints more steady. 

The next step was about wiring up all the LEDs and the power supply. Which needs some testing and thinking. But it finally came out pretty good.

After pre assembling, glueing and making all electric installations I am into giving the diorama more life. Improving the wiring, modelling some details and do the painting.

The last steps will be cleaning the display up, planting vegetation and building a transport box. And finally take pictures and make a video!

And then it will be ready to show folks the beauty of our miniature hobby on conventions. ;-)

Next post ... soon as possible! ;-)