Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

UPDATE: Cooperation Diorama with Warmage, Phantasos Studio, Toughest Girls of the Galaxy and Tabletop Lenny


here you get some update note about my actual display work which we do with WarMage and Phantasos Studio. I worked on the laser cut MDF, prepared model kits to get mounted in the surrounding landscape. Which means sanding, glueing and painting. For painting the model kit I use an Airbrush. Before I will put everything together I will take some time to work on the final layout. Testing different positions for all parts. When you are building a scale model like this you really do not have to rush it. You need to work step for step. First paint inside the building, tape windows. I will also integrate LED-lighting, so thinking about how to wire and placing electrification is very important.

Here you can see that I spend a lot of time and work into preparing the wood models. Filling gaps using water based filler and sanding the parts before and after priming. 

I use a mixture from Airbrush layering and washing techniques to give the model a industrial but also used look. It took some steps of painting and sanding to get a really satisfying surface. You definitely can get a satisfying paint job without getting crazy on it like I do. But I really want to figure out what is possible with model kits from wood. 

I finally thought to give the entry door an additional bunker like frame from concrete. I used foam and my hot wire machine to get into shape. Afterwards I worked on the surface by stippling on filler. The mixture of different material is great. 

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Best regards and happy building & gaming,

Lenny aka Phil 

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