Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015


My first visit on the TACTICA in Hamburg and it was a blast! So many great tables & games. A really nice event. But pictures are better than words. 

A few minutes after opening there are hundreds of people waiting to get inside.

In the center hall you can find retailers, food and spots to relax.

This table was for the game DUST and it may be the most awesome of the convention?

The main room was filled with awesome tables and all stuff you need for your games.

This year they had a historical special about Waterloo.

There are small companies and they have really cool post apocalyptic flashbacks. 
(I already watched Cherry 2000 from your advise! It is awesome! :-))

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Hope you enjoy these impressions? Feel free to link and comment!



  1. A very nice report! Especially as we are mentioned with a foto. But there is one little thing to correct. We are not a company, not even a very, very small. We are enthusiasts (father and son) who found "Axles & Alloys 2" on the internet. We thought it was a nice game, translated the rules from english to german and developed them a little bit. So U can find everything U need to play - except cars, dices and a table - on my HP ( as PDF, download "free to play"