Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Terrain Showcase: Termite Hive

I am always impressed by insects hive and especially termites mounds. Such gigantic objects built by millions of small insects are just awesome. So I thought these would fit perfect in my red desert themed terrain project and I started to built those out of wood, foam and covered it with modelling clay.

It is based on carved wood, the main body of the terrain model is made out of foam pieces and shashlik woods. Afterwards I modeled it out of clay and structured it by using a stippling technique with brush and filler. That gives the certain soil look.

Red and beige tones where my choose of coloration. First apply base colors, then highlighting with a mixture of dry brushing and washing.

Hope this inspired you? Sharing and linking my content is very welcomed! If you are looking for custom terrain? Just write an email: Custom Terrain Request

Happy building!

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