Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

TUTORIAL: Wargamaing Hills & Tabletop Hügel


When I started playing Wargames & Tabletops in the year 1998 my first terrain build was a hill. I want to have the possibility to shoot with everything I have from a small area on the battlefield. Perhaps that is a reason for a lot of gamer to start with a nice stepped hill for their gaming board. But it is still interesting to figure out which is the best shape for your tabletop hills.

These are my newest creations. A jungle themed hill set that has a slope on the one side. On the other side it is modeled like a wall of giant stone blocks. I made videos and pictures to show how I make this set of hills.

GERMAN: Es geht mal wieder um Tabletop Hügel. Für viele von uns mit Sicherheit eines der ersten Geländebauprojekte. Und wohl auch eines der wichtigsten Elemente für viele Spielsysteme. Dieser Typ gehört zu einer karibischen Spielplatte. Der Hügel hat eine steile und eine flache Seite.

Here will come a detailed tutorial about the build! 

More Picturs / mehr Bilder?
Check out the link named TERRAIN above!
Best Lenny! 

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