Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Cooperation Diorama with Warmage, Phantasos Studio, Toughest Girls of the Galaxy and Tabletop Lenny


I met Nils from Warmage Terrain on the RPC 2015 which I participated with Paint Your Immagination and we worked out a nice cooperation for our doings in the tabletop and miniature gaming world. Warmage is a laser cut model kit maker from Germany. His range goes from Fantasy to SiFi and he works in different scales too. You can check his products on this website.

Phantasos Studio is a painting service for miniatures. They put paint on your miniatures and armies. And they will paint the toughest girls for the scale model diorama we are cooperating in.

``The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy´´ is a miniature range and they are the toughest girls hanging around on Kickstarter and soon on on our diorama model.

The Diorama will be a showcase model for Warmage. It should show what is possible with his laser cut kits. We will use his SiFi-apartment, a relays station, laser defense barricades and more bits and pieces. I will combine everything to build an outpost located in dangerous high-tech world which is obviously far, far, far away! The model will be lighted with led-technology. After figuring out a painting theme Phantasos Studio will paint the miniatures matching the terrain background .

I can not wait to start! Stay tuned!

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