Montag, 8. Juli 2013

What is the best surface or structure for Wargaming Terrain?

That is an important question to any terrain builder! How should I model the structure of the ground? Should it be flat or could it be more or less rough on the surface?

On the one hand flat surfaces are much better to use than uneven ones. You can place your models on more spots. You have simply more space and you have a more accurate gameplay. Because on uneven rough terrain features the measurement is much more difficult and sometimes unfair. So when it comes to tournament gaming an even ground is a must.

On the opposite there is a fact! What places are really even or flat? There are streets and airfields and perhaps a salt lake. But that is it. More or less! ;-) So to model a mountain gaming table or a desert or more or less any other terrain feature is much more realistic with an uneven structure. And it gives a more intense feeling for the world you and your miniatures participate.

To make a nice looking terrain that has good gaming abilities means to mix those two perspectives on making model terrain. There are a few things to mention or that are possible without reducing the gameplay by gaining beauty. You can use pebbles and small rocks to structure your terrain. But you should try to use smaller ones or flat shatter. In edges where miniatures can not be placed you can do what ever you want.

By cutting into the surface you have another possibility to give your terrain more texture. If you try to keep your cuts and cracks smaller than the common bases of your miniatures you have no loss of gaming space. Swamps are also a great way to have an interesting but flat ground. Concrete roads or stone plates are great two. 

Variety brings a lot atmosphere and you do not have to model extreme rough terrain structures to have it. Painting is the final touch of any terrain. By using the right technique you can give your structures more depth. Dark tones on the deepest areas and bright ones on top. Yes! Simple! But always good to remember to mix dry brushing and washing methods.

A related topic is: How to structure the surface of your wargaming hills? I will surely come back on it. Hopefully sooner than later!


  1. Hola
    Pues a my me gustan irregulares,dan luego mas juego a la hora de pintarlos,YO cuando compro alguna peana me gusta con rocas o ruinas,eso si luego la remato con vegetación o demás cosas,pero ya sabes es una opinión
    un saludo

  2. Yes! It is always a mixture of aesthetic & gameplay! Muchos gracias!